We need help.  Specifically we need people with skills, contacts, resources, or just time and interest in the following areas:

    • At this stage, we are particularly looking for faculty who want their own sites to use for any edu-related purpose:  blogging, course content curation or storage, course materials, even textbook creation or substitution.
  • WordPress Education
    • We need help curating videos and how-to articles as well as creating videos and how-to articles that help Professors new to WordPress come up to speed faster and flatten the learning curve
  • Design Skills & Web Designers
    • IMMEDIATE:  We need a graphic designer(s) to help us with a logo and our basic home web site theme/appearance.
    • Future/Developing:  We will need people who can design/create WordPress Themes for faculty to use on their pages.
  • Technical Help
    • WordPress administrative and web-design skills
      • we need both administrator help for the main websites, but also
      • more advanced help in developing our more advanced projects.  People with experience or an interest in learning how to configure, manage, and develop multi-site installations and Buddypress sites are particularly needed.
    • Specialized web app development skills and experience with
      • WordPress Plugin development
      • PHP development and modifications
      • Javascript/AJAX and other web app languages
  • Financial and Organizational
    • Organizations, either colleges, non-profits, or for-profits corporations, that want to partner in develop or provision of resources.
    • Grant writers
    • Contacts with foundations, companies, and institutions of higher learning with resources or interest
    • Money is always very helpful, even if it’s only a few dollars.
  • Evangelism
    • Help in setting up and managing social media connections to get the word out about Malartu and our projects
    • Introductions to consortia and associations with a possible mutual benefit.  For example, Malartu could provide a network of web pages for either a formal or informal association of teachers of a particular discipline
    • Feedback to us with ideas, comments, and discussion about needs and projects.
  • Sponsors and Partners
    • In particular institutions or associations interested in participating in pilot and demonstration projects
  • Content
    • Have ideas or insights that you’ve learned (perhaps the hard way) that might help some professor somewhere be more productive or more effective?  Let us know.  We want to share. Professors elsewhere need the benefit of your experience.
    • Do you have specialized expertise in assessment (particularly objective testing)?  We need your input in the design phase of Curriculum Intelligence project.
    • Do you have experience or specialized expertise with creating teaching portfolios?  We need your input in the design phase of The Prof Net project.
  • Don’t know what you can do but you can’t wait to use the tools and networks we’re describing?  Let us know.  Evidence of the need helps us sell the ideas to funders.

If you see yourself or somebody you know fitting these needs, please contact Jim Luke by email at or

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