RIo Salado Early Childhood Education In-Service

Jim’s in-service presentation and workshop on Blogging and Learning with the Rio Salado Early Childhood Education program, May 11, 2015.


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Showcase – Links to websites discussed in presentation

Course Resources: one place, persistent, searchable, categories

Professional Identity

Teach a Course (w/ LMS)

Better Discussions.

Writing: Hybrid Comp Class

Best student e-Portfolio. Ever.
Student blogs w/ course hub

Student-contributed Course Materials

Your Outside Voice Program or Faculty

You Need a Host & URL
Free, Easy, Limited

Powerful: DIY self hosted

Join the Community

How to Create a Post

Jim Luke’ contacts
@econproph (Twitter)


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  1. Hi Jim,
    Thank you for your time and trying to teach us all about blogs at Rio today. I know this is the link between students and teachers of the courses at Rio and will help us have a personal voice and connection to students once it all gets worked out. All the information you gave us is a lot to digest. I am and have been interested in a personal blog to reach parents on parenting issues and special needs issues. You did say to go with WordPress the free one so do you think this would be the best direction for a beginner? I am going to try and have my husband start one as well for tax clients as he is always wanting to guide them in the best direction to save money rather than have to pay out and then he can give clients his blog site too. Slow steps for me. Oh yeah ..GO GREEN! (spartens fan in this house)

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