“My identity by its self causes violence”

People often refer to the idea of ”The American dream” as if it is one concept. There are several more versions of the “American dream”. We have all been raised in different homes with a variety of cultures and belief systems. It is ignorant to believe that every American has the same idea as another. Though we are united through American citizenship, we are divided in so many ways. As Americans we share some values such as Freedom of Speech and more in which we are promised through the constitution, but our individual interpretation of these values are not the same. We tend to believe that everyone values the same thing as we do but in reality  we share many different views of the same values. Those suffering from racial discrimination, have a dream of freedom of speech,  speaking out against oppression and injustice just to feel safe. While others who do not suffer from racial oppression, are concerned with success beyond basic human needs. Their is more than one idea of the American dream, people should be allowed to have their own versions of values that we all hold in common.

When a person is constantly feeling threatened, their main concern is achieving safety. With out feeling safe an individual is unable to reach higher needs such as esteem, and self actualization. Safety is one of the first few steps needing to be achieved on the ladder of hierarchy of needs. Without being able to effectively move past safety; individuals are unable to achieve an effective social mentality, esteem, or self actualization.  These are known as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is simply a stepping ladder of needs, where basic needs must  be meet before one can achieve higher growth levels. Racist individuals know that by their oppressive actions, they can limit others freedoms. Someone subjected to racial oppression will not have the same dream in their mind as someone who receives no negative attention for their race.

Racial prejudice directly effects the safety of individuals, something referenced by the hip-hop group N.W.A., known as  Niggas with Attitude. These artist were constantly discriminated against by police, such as the letter they received from the F.B.I , following the release of the album “Fuck tha Police”. N.W.A. was not alone in their struggle against racism, many individuals suffer the same discrimination daily in the United States. N.W.A’s American dream was far different than a citizen who was never harassed because of their race. These artist dreamed to be able to make their music and live their life free from police brutality .This song was their way of using what little freedom of speech they felt they had, it was also a catalyst ,  allowing their voices to finally be heard.

Fuck tha police

Comin straight from the underground

Young nigga got it bad ’cause I’m brown

And not the other color so police think

They have the authority to kill a minority

(lyrics from Fuck tha Police)

Publishing this song was an appropriate way to call attention to a serious issue in a corrupt system. “Fuck the police” brought attention to an injustice in law enforcement. Despite the authorities threats, N.W.A, needed their voice to be heard.

In the song ” Fuck tha Police” , the artist make it a point to state ” my identity by itself causes violence”. N.W.A was not a violent group , but because of their race they were perceived as violent. N.W.A’s thirst for freedom of speech and beliefs is similar to another well known person Mark Stroman. Mark Stroman’s choose his identity of violence when he committed hate crimes against another race. Mark wanted his beliefs to be heard and to not be judged by who he was or how he felt.

“ I will not be frowned upon or looked down upon or be made to keep silent because I have thee beliefs and opinion. I thought this country allowed me that right”

This was taken from Stroman’s blog in prison. Stromans upbringing was different than N.W.A.’s, but both of these people were born into a lower class family, and raised on low income. Though they were different races, they shared similar values of freedom of speech, Stroman and N.W.A. both believed in freedom of speech, even when others do not agree. These are similar values , yet far different dreams.

Some people believe we are all from the same country , therefore we must all have the same American dream. We may be given the same rights constitutionally , but that does not mean we have the same thoughts, beliefs , or values. Though we have constitutional rights that protect our freedoms , other socioeconomic factors such as income, education, and  race can hinder those freedoms.

Many people argue that racism is an old issue. “Fuck tha police” was published in 1988, when racial discrimination and police brutality were a huge issue. What we tend to ignore is the overwhelming evidence that racism is very much at large. According to Pbs , the pervasive narrative about racial change is that it occurs through generations — old racists die out, and new, young, progressive people take their place. This album may have emerged decades ago  when police brutality was huge, but the cycle continues through the years.

Racial oppression and police brutality are still a current issue in America. We are all born with certain rights as citizens of the United States of America. These rights do not change based on race, religion or personal beliefs. Even though we share these values of rights and wrongs, our ideas of the American dream are far different. People being oppressed will never have the same idea of an American dream as someone who is free. Until every American can feel comfortable in their own skin , we won’t all be dreaming of the same kind of peace.

3 thoughts on ““My identity by its self causes violence”

  1. Socrates Nyongobela

    African American have suffered discrimination from generation to generation, but we have not come to abolish this racism issue. I believe that every black in America is striving for racial equality, as I do. I have analyzed all the strategies we have used for centuries to fight for racial equality–fights, protests (violent and non-violent), and other different strategies, but I realized that we are using the wrong methods to address this issue. What I would not want to ignore is that these approaches have achieved one important step, it has brought awareness to all this racism issue. Which means that our oppressors are aware. Therefore, using the same old approaches won’t make another step further. I believe that racism to black race is a global problem because blacks undergo racial discrimination almost everywhere in the world. I have friends and have heard stories of people who suffer “pure” racism in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia, and even in North Africa where the majority is Arab.
    I think that black people should trace this problem back to its roots, and start solving by there. We have to begin by fixing the mistakes that our ancestors made by selling their brothers to slavery because I believe this is what brought the image of inferiority to other races. For this reason, I think the solution will be doing something positive that will bring a positive perception to the black race as compensation to the mistake made by our ancestors.
    The others solution to the racism problem, not just for black race but all races, is to accept more people of different background coming in. Diversity is important because it increases the number of racial minorities and allows more interracial marriage. I will end this comment by asking everyone who stands against racial discrimination to consider this important thing, encouraging interracial marriage. This will be the biggest achievement in the fight against racial discrimination.

  2. Kaitlyn Pease

    As I watched Straight Outta Compton I got excited when N.W.A sang Fuck Da Police. I was excited because it was nice seeing someone stick up for themselves and for their race. Racism and police brutality is well known in our society today as it was then. My brother in law is Mexican and some of the stories he tells me of his childhood is horrid. He went to a small town school that had no diversity in it, so seeing someone of a different culture shocked these people. These people picked on him so bad he tried commiting suicide. I feel it should not come down to that extent where people are singling out different cultures to make them want to commit suicide. I feel like that should never be an option. Diversity is a wonderful thing and I think people should take advantage of it. It is time we step out of our traditonal values and build new ones. We should be learning from others. I believe that freedom of speech plays a huge role in racism and police brutality. If certain people do not want people to be heard then they will make it impossible for you to be heard. I do not see diversity as just ones skin color or ones race, I see it as your social background, and how high you may be ranked on the money pole. Either way we should all have the right to freedom of speech.

  3. Bobbi Durance

    Ally, I agree with you whole heartedly about this issue. When you stated that even though the N.W.A. album was made several years ago, the cycle continues through the years really made me realize that history repeats itself. US as humans need to stop being so close minded and hateful. Every generation has time periods were it struggles with Racism; Racism is not going anywhere because people are resistant to change. Change is part of evolution and the sooner everyone accepts this, the sooner we can move on as a united country. Society as a whole is becoming more violent. Our rights, our amendments just do not take precedence anymore.
    For instance, the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Also the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution includes the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses. Our Civil Rights are being ignored, and these police officers are not getting punished for their actions. So a trickle effect begins, a Police officer shoots a black man for wearing a hoodie, now the black community are angry and determined to seek justice by all means. This just starts a war, and brings on more violence. Why? Because justice is not being served. Innocent people are being killed because they have a different skin color, like the same sex, or have a different set of values and beliefs than someone. The world is full of hate, we as children are not born with the ability to hate, it is learned. I hope that things change someday, but I think it is very unlikely that racism will ever end completely. But I have hope that one day it will end.

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