Two Americas

there are many issues in the world today with police brutality but one issue that really changes the world is the police brutality with racism. the last few years there has been many different issues that have come out for example the story of Michael Brown this story was talking about how one black man was killed by police and the officers story was he went for the gun. the issue with this is that it was if the police officers had no cares for the gentlemen’s life. There are many different ways that can be taken into consideration that would make this a lot easier to get rid of this issue


this picture shows a police officer wearing head gear that is a camera and there was a stat that had shown that the police officers that had started wearing these they noticed the rates of racial police brutality had dropped eighty-four percent. Now if you think about this if this idea was used all over the country there would be less accounts of police brutality with racisms the reason why this would help because when the police officer are out In the field they feel that they have all the power because they enforce the law that they are above the law. so when they have personal opinions on some things or people and they have this feeling that they are not being watched they may have a “miss judgment ” and so making sure that police officers are constantly being watched will really be helpful so that we don’t have anymore cases like the student and the officer this story shows how a police officer uses extra force on a black teenager. yes the teen was not obeying the rules but when you are a fully grown man you should not have to throw aa girl around the room to get her to leave the room. These stories are all hard to read and watch but they need to be shown around the world personally I do not believe that police officers should be using excessive force on anyone. There is a time when force is needed but there is never the need to end some ones life or hurt someone just because they haven’t done what they were told right away. After reading the article about the police officers wearing head cameras I instantly loved the idea, I loved this idea because these videos could possibly make not only the streets safer but it adds in the truth that is needed most of the time when the police officer is being questioned for the crime he or she may have or have not done. Another story that comes to my mind when it comes to police brutality with racism is the new York officer who had choked a man to death, this story was about a black gentleman by the name of Eric Gardner and he was breaking up a fight and was accused of selling illegal cigarettes when Eric refused to be taken into handcuffs a police officer had used an illegal chokehold on Erick. After him giving up and saying he can breath the officer had not let go which made Eric soon stop breathing ending his life. This story stood out to me for one reason after the police officer was accused of killing a man he was taken to court while the judge had ruled him not guilty of murder, that’s why this story was so shocking because no one should be able to kill some one and get away with it. There are many different ways you can bring someone to the ground to place him under arrest.  Everyone uses cell phones today and when they see something happening with the police they instantly raise up their phone to start recording, some would say that is all that is needed for when it comes to helping bring justice for everyone. But that’s not the case at all so many people are able to turn videos into what they want you to see it does give some other perspective then the polices word verses the word of the accused but having the video from the police officer would be the main factor of what everyone needs to see. there are so many different stories all over the world of police brutality but when people take time to think about it there are more police brutality to people of a different race it makes you wonder why people still do this is it parts of the past? a stereo type? it shouldn’t matter what the past had done people should not take the past and bring it to the future because we are now having the issue with that people are fearing the police because they have been acting up. People should not be antagonizing the police because of these issues either. but there are any different ways that these occasions could be avoided by with things like police head cameras and police start taking a better approach to arresting the accused. so over all there are to Americas in this world when it comes to police brutality with different races.